Source: Bankok Post
Date: 20 April 2006

Better sex please: We're Thai

Thais claim they are getting less satisfying sex than almost any other nationality in the world. That's according to a study by the Archives of Sexual Behavior, which ranks 29 countries in order of sexual satisfaction among 40-to-80-year-olds.

Sex is best in Austria, at least according to people who live there, with 71 percent smiling over their sex sessions. But just one-in-four Japanese say they are satisfied.

And the other countries in the bottom five are Taiwan, China, Indonesia - and Thailand.

A sex expert says the findings show cultures with relationships based on equality offer more satisfaction for both genders. Sociologist Edward Laumann says male-centered societies often discount sexual pleasure for women. Researchers contacted 27-thousand-500 people by phone, in person or by mail. The maker of Viagra paid for the study.

Smiling and Grumpy:


  1. Austria: 71.4 percent satisfied with their sex lives.
  2. Spain: 69%.
  3. Canada: 66.1%.
  4. Belgium: 64.6%.
  5. United States: 64.2%.


  1. Thailand: 35.9%.
  2. China: 34.8%.
  3. Indonesia: 33.9%.
  4. Taiwan: 28.6%.
  5. Japan: 25.7%.
One reason why women are so dissatisfied is that "evolution hasn't caught up with us," said lead researcher Edward Laumann, a sociology professor at the University of Chicago.

"Women are very sensitive to the quality of a relationship and when those things aren't in good order they're not interested," he said in a telephone interview. "It's a way of regulating (pregnancy) and protecting the children."

Another reason for lower levels of sexual satisfaction among women is a lack of foreplay, which is particularly problematic in male-dominated cultures in Asia and the Middle East, Laumann said.

"On entry it takes four minutes (for men) to ejaculate on average. Women need 11 minutes. That's why foreplay is so important," he said.

"In 75% of the cases the men report always having an orgasm. With women only 26% say they always have one, although 45% of men believe their partners always have an orgasm." - (Agencies)

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